The Process

We've created a super simple process for you to get your tracks onto tape!

Sign Up

Sign up to start uploading your tracks. You only pay AFTER your files have been uploaded and you're ready for us to get started.

Create a job

Create a taping job by giving us some details. This is where you upload your audio tracks.

Buy credits

Depending on how many tracks you have uploaded, you can buy credits to pay for the taping job.

Wait for taping

Go about your daily routine. Your tracks typically get taped within 3-5 business days.


When the taping is done, simple log into your account and start downloading your freshly taped tracks!

Centralized repository

Interfaces can be easily configured instead of being complexly programmed, whether database, web service, or file-based.


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Power your team with the ultimate tool

Enable customer-brand relationships by delivering the high-level communication that customers demand.


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